We Grow Our Business…By Helping You Grow Yours™
We Grow Our Business…By Helping You Grow Yours™
Construction Market Consultants, Inc.
Construction Market Consultants, Inc.

CRM & Pipeline Consulting

"You Cannot Manager What You Do Not Measure."
                                     ~ Wise Management Adage

Customer Relationship Management is the most powerful and effective approach 
in creating and maintaining relationships with customers.

It is also, in our opinion, the most overlooked and neglected tool in most companies arsenal for building new business.
We can take away the 'fear factor' of developing and maintaining a robust system without burying you in minutia.

If you already have a system in place, need to upgrade or start new, we can make this a painless process.


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Private, Nonresidential Construction Spending Outlook Good


The outlook for private nonresidential construction spending remains upbeat, according to the Marcum Commercial Construction Index for the first quarter of 2017. 

“Business confidence is in the 97th percentile, unemployment is near a 10-year low, and the Consumer Confidence Index has not been this high since December 2000,” wrote Anirban Basu, Marcum’s chief construction economist and author of the report.

“This all bodes well for the U.S. construction sector, which stands to benefit from a combination of consumer and business spending growth.

“Although nonresidential construction spending fell on a monthly basis in March, it remains a largely positive indicator. February’s nonresidential construction spending value of $717 billion… is the highest total since the Census Bureau began tracking the indicator.”


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