We grow our business by helping you grow yours
                                                                                                                                                                       We grow our business by helping you grow yours

Getting A New Job For Geniuses...At Things Other Than Getting A New Job™

Getting A New Job For Geniuses...At Things Other Than Getting A New Job™


Because we do executive placement/recruiting we often get calls from friends and others under the impression that because of this service, we can get anyone a job. This is a very understandable, but mistaken, misunderstanding of how recruiting works.
Yes, we can possibly get you a job if you are a design engineer with five to ten years of experience with architectural aluminum, glass, glazing experience.
So, through the years, we compiled the following which is nothing more than 20-somethingtechniques I have used through the years to help me get many of the jobs/clients/contracts/gigs and, because I have been where you are, I have a genuine heart for people looking for their next opportunity.
This is a freebie and it is my sincere hope you may find something that will help you as you find your next opportunity.


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Getting A New Job For Geniuses…At Things Other Than Getting A New Job™
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The Professional Services Perspective: The slow transformation of Building Information Modeling


Here’s my narrative approach to the slow transformation and integration of BIM software and tools:

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and never needed BIM to visualize exterior cladding transitions or conflicts.”

“I’m not sure why they want a BIM model. You can quote it, but I think it is going away.”

“They want a REVIT model for record, but it can be done after the shop drawings. Do the shops in AutoCAD first.”

“This REVIT and BIM thing is getting some traction, so we are going to have to release you on the BIM work, but it seems like a waste of the owner’s money.”

“Hey, the architect and GC want a coordinated model to provide to the owner, so I need you guys to provide a BIM model, and weekly or bi-weekly BIM coordination meetings.”

“This project is actually being executed in REVIT and all of the subs are required to use REVIT for their elevations, plans and sections. Make sure you’ve designed a deliverable that incorporates this, and review the architect’s expected LOD and qualify anything you think is not necessary.”

“I think we are going to have to use REVIT and RHINO at the same time on this project to model the crazy geometry. Make sure to coordinate teams and integrate both in developing your details.”


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